Breakdown of the Show

From the Woodlands 12th Annual Fall Home and Garden Show at the Waterway Marriott.

  • Shannon and Gus talk rugs and how to clean them, trends, quality. Classic Rugs, Modern rugs. How they add to the appeal of your home.
  • Shannon and Rosemary Bickford, co-owner of Brickland Homes, talk about new trends in building that Baby Boomers are adding to the designs of their custom homes. Kids are getting into the act to by building homes that have more living space on the first floor and a second suite for their parents or older children returning from college.
  • Shannon and Steve Stelzer, City of Houston, Program Director for the Green Resource Center. He talks about the resource center and how you can come and learn about green building techniques and incorporate them into your construction. He also talks about the different levels of Green Certification that you can get in the city. Some of the lower levels are very in expensive.
  • Paul St. Amand from Champions School of Real Estate joins us to discuss loan scams that are out in the marketplace. Paul talks about how the scammers set up their organization and conspiracy teams. He discusses red flags and ways people can protect themselves when approached with a deal that is too good to be true. Most of the people the scammers go after are people who are in financial distress and under pressure, who feel like there are no options left for them.

Each Segment on Video

Segment 1 – Gus Parvizian

Segment 2 – Rosemary Bickford

Segment 3 – Steve Stelzer

Segment 4 – Paul St. Amand

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