Breakdown of the Show

  • Shannon and Conroe ISD Superintendent Dr. Don Stockton talk about the growth of the district and the challenges is faces with the Exxon boom. They also talk about the expanse of the district from The Woodlands Lake Conroe and how they meet the needs of all the students and partner with private schools in the area.
  • Shannon and Katy ISD superintendent Alton Frailey talk about the growth of the Katy area and meeting the needs of the 70,000 students in the area. They also talk about the 3 main or major goals of the district.
  • Shannon and Klein ISD Superintendent Dr. Jim Cain talk about the Bond issue coming up for Klein ISD in May of 2015 and the new High School it will support. They also talk about how Klein works with private schools to meet the needs of all students in the district.
  • Shannon and NEW Spring ISD Superintendent – Rodney Watson talk about his 3 areas of focus for the district. He also talk about his unique tactic to get students back into school to finish out their education at Spring. Dr. Watson also addresses how Spring ISD is being transparent and more flexible to student’s personal and education needs. Bottom line is they will work with students however they can to make Spring education accessible to all students who want it.

Each Segment on Video

Segment 1 – Dr. Don Stockton (Conroe ISD)

Segment 2 – Alton Frailey (Katy ISD)

Segment 3 – Dr. Jim Cain (Klein ISD)

Segment 4 – Rodney Watson (Spring ISD)

Listen to the Show in it's Entirety