Breakdown of the Show

  • WindeeVent‘s Clint Partridge joins us to talk about their revolutionary garage vents that can drastically reduce the temperature of your garage.
  • Shannon talks to the Jeremy Logsdon, owner of Preventive Pest Control in Houston’s east territory, about their bimonthly treatment plan, how they can get rid of anything from rats to fruit flies.  Jeremy talks about rodent reduction strategies for different homes in different areas of town, new homes and older homes.
  • Shannon and RREA Broker Associate, Keith Hebert talk about the market in Houston, why its so hot. Foreign investors coming to the Houston area and why its important to get your house on the market in the next month and sell it before the end of the year because of the Homestead exemption.
  • Shannon and Keith talk about the RPR report and all the information it gives the consumer about their house in their particular part of town.

Each Segment on Video

Segment 1 – Shannon Show Intro

Segment 2 – Clint Partridge – WindeeVent

Segment 3 – Jeremy Logsdon, Preventive Pest Control

Segment 4 – Keith Hebert, Register Real Estate Advisors

Segment 5 – Keith Hebert, Register Real Estate Advisors

Listen to the Show in it's Entirety