Breakdown of the Show

  • Travis Reese talks with Shannon about the unique homes on the Hooks Airport grounds, a small community with plenty of room for growth, with fully equipped homes and community resources.
  • Shannon talks about NAR’s push as the most accurate home site on the market and about how NAR is fighting to keep mortgage deduction for homeowners.
  • Dave Gornet, President of the Grand Parkway Association, talks about deadlines, or completion times for the north section of the Grand Parkway as well as discuss Proposition 1 on the November ballot.

Each Segment on Video

Segment 1 – Travis Reese, Hooks Airport

Segment 2 – Shannon, TAR Convention (No video, Audio only)

Segment 3 – Dave Gornet, Grand Parkway Construction

Segment 4 – Dave Gornet, Grand Parkway Construction

Listen to the Show in it's Entirety