Breakdown of the Show

  • Rhondalyn Riley, Exterior Inspections, Inc., talks about the importance of a home inspection in letting a buyer know the state of a home before purchasing. In addition, common exterior problems are covered, such as stucco, brick, siding and roofing condition.
  • Rhondalyn Riley, Exterior Inspections, Inc., talks about who to contact upon discovering a problem with your home. Covered later are pools, what inspectors look for and components that commonly wear out.
  • Sheila Blake, City of Houston Building Code Enforcement Administrator, tells us about how sellers should handle a report after an inspector notes certain items aren’t up to code but are acceptable because of a code change or a grandfathered code. She also explains how codes are changed and added to a city’s building codes. You can learn more here.
  • Steve Stelzer, Program Director for the Houston Green Building Resource Center, covers green building and the different levels of green “classification” for building homes and buildings. Steve says that the lower levels of classification are pretty cost effective and how the public can learn about green building techniques at the City of Houston Green Building Resource Center.

Each Segment on Video

Segment 1 – Rhondalyn Riley – Importance of Home Inspections (Part 1)

Segment 2 – Rhondalyn Riley – Home Problems & Who to Call (Part 2)

Segment 3 – Shelia Blake – Houston Building Code Enforcement

Segment 4 – Steve Stelzer – City of Houston Green Building Resource Center

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