Breakdown of the Show

  • John Simmons, Realtor with RREA, talks about the RPR Report and all the valuable information it has in it for consumers.  If someone is interested in an area of Houston they can contact RREA and ask for a FREE RPR report and they can find out a tremendous amount of info on that area.  They can also use this report to find out more info on their area of town.
  • Tim O’Neill, from State Farm Insurance, informs us about different insurance needs for consumers. For more information you can reach Tim at 281.358.4444 or email him at
  • Angelo Christian, from CHI Mortgage, covers how low income consumers with good credit should go about getting a home loan.  Angelo talks about USDA and FDA home loans and how banks may not be the way to go because of their strict guidelines.
  • Mike Bowden, of Bowden Appraisal Group, talks about updates with the appraisal process and appraising larger lots, rural structures and odd properties.

Each Segment on Video

Segment 1 – John Simmons – RPR Report

Segment 2 – Tim O’Neill – State Farm Insurance

Segment 3 – Angelo Christian – Low Income Home Buyers with Good Credit

Segment 4 – Mike Bowden – Bowden Appraisal Services

Listen to the Show in it's Entirety