Breakdown of the Show

  • Shannon introduces HRER at the 13th Annual Woodlands Home and Garden Show. Guests Mark Bowen Nature’s Way Resources, Bob Daily The Woodlands joint Power Agency, Molly Fowler The Dining Diva and Ted Tarver Zippy Shell.
  • Shannon and Mark Talk about what how to optimize your landscaping for maximum curb appeal. They also discuss the latest trends in landscaping, gatting away from the mulch mustache on the front of your house. Also, plants to use this time of year, early spring. Also how to prepare your landscaping for the hot summer months.
  • Shannon and Bob talk about the ongoing shortage of water and the influx of 500,000 people to Montgomery County in the next 20 years and how that will affect the already depleted supply. They discuss plans to combat this and ways to conserve water and how the WJpA is helping regular consumers participate and contribute at low costs.
  • Shannon and Molly talk about all things kitchen. What she is making at the home show demonstration booth. Great Recipies, What makes good Texas Chili, Kitchen Gadgets, How to plan an outdoor kitchen effectively and efficiently. They also talk about how to plan meals and her cook book.
  • Shannon and Ted talk about all the benefits of Zippy Shell. Great Customer service, a complete range of moving products, convenient pick up and drop off service, how they work with realtors, people who want to stage their homes or just plain move there stuff to another home. Zippy Shell is for everyone a person who is a DIYer or someone who would rather have someone else handle the packing and moving.

Each Segment on Video

Segment 1 – Shannon introduces the 13th Annual Woodlands Home and Garden Show

Segment 2 – Mark Bowen – Nature’s Way Resources

Segment 3 – Bob Dailey – The Woodlands Joint Powers Agency

Segment 4 – Molly Fowler – The Dining Diva

Segment 5 – Ted Tarver – Zippy Shell

Listen to the Show in it's Entirety