Breakdown of the Show

Shannon introduces the show from the George R Brown Convention Center.  She introduces Dawg Foundation, Jay Richardson, Tim O’neill from State Farm and Kendra Wheaton from Champions School of Real Estate.  She also talks about Lisa Geisler’s Book “Uncluttered”.

Jay Richardson, RREA Realtor, talks about the state of the Houston Real Estate market and the advantages and disadvantages for buying both new and used.  They talk about how the cost of building a house is going up because of the cost of materials.  They also discuss the RPR Report.

Jeremy Mahon, co Founder of DAWG Foundation, talks about how Dawg Foundation provides service animals for Veterans returning from the theater of war.  Jeremy mentions that they are a new organization and if someone wants to donate they can go to

Tim O’neill, from State Farm, talks about Hail Season coming up and how deductibles apply  to that type of peril.  They also talk about why when there is a hail storm not all of your roof may be covered or your house and not your neighbors may be affected.   Also the process of inspecting a roof and what the home owner is entitled to see and or review.

Kendra Wheaton, Champions School of Real Estate, coming to you from Aliana Development in Richmond Texas, talks about the wonderful event and also all the courses Champions offers agents and professionals through their real estate school and school of professional development.

Each Segment on Video

Segment 1 – Introduction

Segment 2 – Jay Richardson – RREA Realtor

Segment 3 – Jeremy Mahon, co Founder of Dawg Foundation

Segment 4 – Tim O’neill – State Farm

Segment 5 – Kendra Wheaton – Champions School of Real Estate

Listen to the Show in it's Entirety