Breakdown of the Show

  • Shannon, John Simmons, Michael Prats, Chris Childress and Keith Hebert discuss the Lake Houston Area and how it is developing in both residential, commercial, medical and entertainment.  They talk about the Lake Houston Parkway, the Amusement Park coming to the area and that Lake Houston has 98% residential homes on the lake front.
  • Shannon and the gang talk about not only Lake Houston but also Lake Conroe and Lake Livingston. Chris and Keith talk about the value you get in Livingston and Keith talks about the size of Lake Livingston.  They also discuss some of their listings on Lake Livingston.  Michael Prats discusses the recreation on Lake Houston.
  • Shannon, Keith and Chris about what to look for when buying a lake property.  View, possible obstructions or future obstructions if lots aren’t developed yet.  What to do with pets on the lake.  Live in a cove or on a point out in the lake.
  • Scott Harper,President of the Conroe Chamber of Commerce and Danielle Scheiner Chairman of the Board Conroe Chamber of Commerce and Deputy Director of the Greater Conroe Economic Development Council, talk about economic development in the Conroe area. You can learn more at  and

Each Segment on Video

Segment 1 – Lake Living in Houston (Part 1)

Segment 2 – Lake Living in Houston (Part 2)

Segment 3 – Lake Living in Houston (Part 3)

Segment 4 – Shannon and the Conroe Chamber of Commerce

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