Breakdown of the Show

  • Shannon introduces the Gallery Furniture Realtor Preview Party for the new location in Richmond.
  • Linda McIngvale, Co-Owner of Gallery Furniture, about the experience of opening up the new store, including its design and features.
  • Interior Designer, Bill Stubbs, about the design of the New Gallery Furniture Richmond Location.
  • Natalie Henshilwood about the Gallery Furniture Realtor Reward Program, a special discount realtors receive for shopping with Gallery.
  • Rob Cook, Past Chairman of HAR, about discounts for realtors at the new store and upcoming changes in the real estate market in August.

Each Segment on Video

Segment 1 – Welcome to the New Gallery Furniture!

Segment 2 – Linda McIngvale – About the New Location

Segment 3 – Bill Stubbs – Designing the Layout

Segment 4 – Natalie Henshilwood – Realtor Rewards Program

Segment 5 – Rob Cook – Changes in Real Estate

Listen to the Show in it's Entirety