Breakdown of the Show

  • Shannon brings in The Real Estate Rat Pack, Rob Cook, Joe Orsak and Chris Kelso along with State Farm Agent Tim O’Neill.  They talk about the importance of TREPAC because of its support of the real estate industry.  It helps not only the industry, the realtors but also the consumer.  The group goes into the value of having TREPAC how people can get involved with it.  Anyone can go to
  • Shannon and The RERP and Tim O’Neill talk about new changes coming to the real estate industry and how it will affect it.  Changes will be in credit rating policy for credit bureaus and the time frame and paperwork for closing on your home.  CFPB is a big player for these changes.
  • Shannon and The RERP and Tim O’Neill talk talk about the up coming HAR elections for the HAR Board that will be July 20th to August 3rd.  They discuss what it is to be a leader and the qualities they look for in people who want to lead.
  • Segment 4 – Shannon talks about the issues that she will tackle if elected to the HAR Board.  The lays out the challenges realtors face in the coming years:  Changes in Technology, Legislative, market disturbers.

Each Segment on Video

Segment 1 – TREPAC Benefits

Segment 2 – Credit Rating Policy Changes

Segment 3 – HAR Elections

Segment 4 – Shannon for the HAR Board

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