Breakdown of the Show

  • Mike Nooney about GVB and Century Communities new subdivision in Tomball, Raleigh Creek, how they have increased energy efficiency and quality in their homes.
  • Matt Register, Owner of RREA Media, speaks with Nathan Roach about Mass Venture‘s new avenue for unaccredited investors to invest in local development projects.  This opens up ways for developers to reach out to a new class of investor and would be investors to look at local projects that were once not available to them.
  • Author of My Life and 1000 Homes, Mitch Stephen, about the book and his strategies for investing in rehabbing homes.  Mitch lays out a plan or tips for offers and how to buy property and have very little risk.
  • Dave Ramsey‘s, Chris Hogan and RREA’s, Keith Hebert about the value in the endorsed local provider program and also touch on Financial Peace University  and strategies to saving money and spending less.

Each Segment on Video

Segment 1 – Mike Nooney and Raleigh Creek Subdivision

Segment 2 – Nathan Roach from Mass Venture

Segment 3 – Mitch Stephen – My Life and 1000 Homes

Segment 4 – Chris Hogan from Dave Ramsey

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