Breakdown of the Show

  • Shannon lays out the guest list.  Ron Dreyer from professional Building Performance heating and AC, Dory Gordon from RREA, Alex Hodges from Zippy Shell and Tim O’Neill from State Farm.
  • Ron Dreyer from PBP AC and Heating talks about the importance of completely sealing your home to keep out the humidity so your AC runs more efficiently.  He also talks about what SEER is and how PBP can help to stream line your AC and make it more efficient even down to small holes in your attic ceiling.
  • Dory Gordon talks about getting your house ready to sell in the winter and how the new CFPB regs will affect the sale of homes with new deadlines.
  • Alex Hodges from Zippy Shell talks about how consumers can use Zippy Shell to declutter their home efficiently by parking a Zippy Shell in their driveway and packing it up as opposed to driving bits and pieces to the Storage Unit each time.   Alex also talks about how Zippy can help you move across the country if you need to.  He also talks about Zippy’s full line of services for consumers who need to move and store their stuff.
  • Tim O”Neill from Statefarm talks about the upcoming Open Enrollment for healthcare starting this November and going to January 31st.  Tim runs through some of the options for consumers with the Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum Plans.

Each Segment on Video

Segment 1 – Shannon Introduces the Show

Segment 2 – Ron Dreyer from PBP AC and Heating

Segment 3 – Dory Gordon, VP of Marketing Development

Segment 4 – Alex Hodges from Zippy Shell

Segment 5 – Tim O’Neill from State Farm

Listen to the Show in it's Entirety

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