Breakdown of the Show

  • Council Member, Dave Martin talks about the importance of the Houston City Council, the issues it tackles for the betterment of Houston.  He also talks about how the council works and how to find out show more about your council member before you vote on November 3rd.
  • Brandon Alderete, TAR, discusses how Prop 1 will increase texas home owners homestead exemption, allowing Texans to keep more of their money. It also bans a sales tax on real estate transactions.
  • Shannon and James Sangster, from Houston Ghost Research, talk about haunted houses and how James’ company can help you deal with your spirit if you want to stay in your residence. In the second segment they cover examples of Haunted houses and how James dealt with getting the ghost out.

Each Segment on Video

Segment 1 – Councilman Dave Martin

Segment 2 – Brandon Alderete – Increase your Homestead Exemption

Houston Real Estate Radio w/ Shannon Register

Segment 3 – James Sangster – Houston Ghost Hunters  (Part 1)

Segment 4 – James Sangster – Houston Ghost Research (Part 2)

Listen to the Show in it's Entirety

Houston Real Estate Radio w/ Shannon Register