Breakdown of the Show

  • Shannon introduces the show for the week.  She will interview Leanne Donelson from the Claus Market, Ken Peterson from Storm Guard Restoration, Rod Gates and Jamison Smith from The Gun Cleaners and Chris Childress from
  • Leanne Donelson talks about the coats for Klein ISD that started the idea for the Claus Market.  The coats donated go to kids in need during the colder months in Houston.  Over 1500 coats were donated last year.
  • Rod and Jamison talk on why its important to clean your gun and the services they have to clean one or multiple guns.  They use ultrasonic tools to clean and lube your gun.  They also have mobile cleaning, developing pick and cleaning of your gun.  They also store guns for people who need to keep their stash safe.
  • Ken Peterson from Storm Guard Restoration talks about the process a home owner will go through when faced with storm, fire of water damage.  Ken elaborates on the great services and personal touches his restoration company provides.
  • Chris Childress tells how can brighten up your home for the holidays this year and for years to come with his custom lighting design for the christmas season.  Free estimates and pricing and scope right on the spot.

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Segment 3 – The Gun Cleaners

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