Breakdown of the Show

  • Kay Smith talks about her organization Hero and Friend, which teams Veterans and people with disabilities together to help local businesses fill needed positions. It helps Veterans, the businesses and the disabled.
  • Mary Papageorge talks about VA loans and qualifications that VETS need to meet in order to qualify of a VA Loan.   Mary also discusses the different options Vets have when purchasing a home.
  • Steve Hudson, from the Texas Veterans Land Board, tells about the 3 programs they have available to Veterans in Texas.  1. For Properties 2. For Home Improvements  3. For Land.
  • J.R. Martinez, actor and Dancing with the Stars winner, shares his experiences as a severely wounded Iraq veteran and his work with Operation Finally Home. Operation Finally home is a non-profit that provides homes for severely wounded veterans.

Each Segment on Video

Segment 1 – Hero and Friend

Segment 2 – VA Loans

Segment 3 – Texas Veterans Land Board

Segment 4 – JR Martinez and Operation Finally Home

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