Breakdown of the Show

  • Madison Hildebrand, from Bravo’s Million Dollar Listing, tells his story as an agent and what advantages he found that a smaller broker can offer, particularly technological adaptation. Later we cover negotiating strategies for buyers, sellers and agents, as well as trends in luxury home sales.
  • Dr. Lori, from Discovery Channel’s “Auction Kings” shares how home owners can get items in their home appraised before they decide to depart from them.
  • Jennifer Bertrand, HGTV Design Star winner and owner of Bertrand Designs, joins us to talk about the importance of design in our homes.

Each Segment on Video

Segment 1 – Madison Hildebrand (Part 1)

Segment 2 – Madison Hildebrand (Part 2)

Segment 3 – Dr. Lori

Segment 4 – Jennifer Bertrand

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