Breakdown of the Show

  • Chris Hogan calls into the show to talk about his new book Retire Inspired.  Chris talks about how retirement isn’t an age its a financial number. He also talks about Dave Ramsey’s ELP program. Find his book at
  • Keith Hebert talks about Dave Ramsey’s ELP Program and the 7 Baby Steps for financial freedom.  Keith also covers the Chris Hogan event in The Woodlands.
  • Shannon and Keith Hebert talk about the good and bad ways to invest in real estate, later Laquitta talks about her home buying seminar in Spring Branch. She will have appraisers, lenders and builders there for you to get more information from.
  • Dave Jarvis uncovers some problems that have surfaced with the slight down turn in the Houston market.   He also covers the 5 Houston Communities that rank in the Nations Top 20.

Each Segment on Video

Segment 1 – Retire Inspired

Segment 2 – 7 Baby Steps for Financial Freedom

Segment 3 – Investing in Real Estate

Segment 4 – Houston’s National Top 20

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