Breakdown of the Show

  • Shannon and Harris Country Tax Assessor/Collector, Mike Sullivan and Director of Property Tax, Elizabeth Doss talk about the Homestead Exemption and the different types of Homestead Exemptions and property taxes that are coming due in the coming month.
  • Shannon and Mike talk about the new ONE STICKER program for residents cars. It a new program designed to make getting your car inspected and registered with the state easier for all involved. Mike goes through the new process to clear up any questions people may have with regards to the new system.
  • Shannon and Mary Papageorge talk about loans for low income individuals and how they may qualify for different programs that are available to them.
  • Gary Cooper, of Cooper CPA Group, talks about how your real estate investments may affect your taxes this year. Gary gets into why its better to buy than to rent and how to set up your rental property to make your taxes easier.

Each Segment on Video

Segment 1 – Homestead Exemptions

Segment 2 – One Sticker Vehicle Registration/Inspection

Segment 3 – Taxes and Homeownership

Segment 4 – Low Income Loan Programs

Listen to the Show in it's Entirety

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