Breakdown of the Show

  • Shannon and Dory talk about the difference between Condos and Town Homes and the difference in the kind of insurance coverage you need to get.  Dory also tells her story of how her Condo Association hasn’t addressed a problem she had with a roof leak that is causing damage to the interior of her condo.  Who has what responsibility to repair what?
  • Shannon talks with Jim Gavin about Dory’s situation from an insurance perspective and he weighs in on who may be responsible.  Jim also helps define the difference between Condo Ins and Town Home Ins.
  • Shannon talks with Jim Wiedermer about Dory’s situation from a legal perspective and gives advice on where Dory and condo owners should look in the documents to see if certain things were properly disclosed.  Jim also gives the reason condos can lag in general maintenance when the economy in a downturn.
  • Shannon and Margey talk about Dory’s situation from an HOA perspective.  Margey gives her advice to consumers who may have the same situation as Dory.  Since condo associations vary and their financial situations can change rather quickly Margey suggests consumers look at the condos financials for strength and proper reserves before buying.

Each Segment on Video

Segment 1 – Dory Gordon, Register Real Estate Advisors

Segment 2 – Jim Gavin, Independent Insurance Agents of Texas

Segment 3 – Jim Wiedermer – Real Estate Attorney

Segment 4 – Margey Meyer, Cadrexperts

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