Breakdown of the Show

  • Shannon and Detective Mike Hammons talk about how people use houses and rental houses for grow houses.  How they battle the problem in the region. He talks about what people should look for in their neighborhoods if they suspect any drug activity in a house.  He also talks about ways the drug organizations use rental homes and management companies to secure homes.
  • Shannon and Lt. Ruben Diaz (Harris County Sheriff’s Office) talk about how his office battles the problem of meth production in the county.  He talks about what a citizen can look for in their neighborhood if they suspect any illegal activity.
  • Linda Lauver talks about what a landlord faces if their property has been used as a meth lab or grow houses.  Linda also reveals what consumers should look for if they suspect that the house they are renting or have purchased was grow house.
  • Ralph Williams from Sales Solve Everything, talks about how he is bringing Sales Solve Everything to the Houston market.  Ralph discusses why his system can help builders and new home sales representatives be successful.

Each Segment on Video

Segment 1 – Marijuana Grow Houses

Segment 2 – Meth in Harris County

Segment 3 – Selling or Buying a Drug House

Segment 4 – Sales Solve Everything in Houston

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