Breakdown of the Show

  • Chris Childress talks about what a realtor is doing behind the scenes to get your home purchase of sale in order so it closes on time.
  • Mary Papageorge talks about all the people who touch your file in a mortgage company to make sure all your documents are in line so the funding will go through.
  • Evan Koymarianos shares about how a title company works to assure that your property is clear from claims when you purchase a home.
  • Joe Pool talks about how he handles the inspection process and makes sure you get the inspection within the option period so you can better understand the condition of the home you are buying.
  • Rachel and Olga talk about how they can help the seller and then the buyer with a home warranty to make sure anything that does happen to the homes systems during the contract period and after close it will be covered.

Each Segment on Video

Segment 1 – Chris Childress

Segment 2 – Mary Papageorge

Segment 3 – Evan Koymarianos

Segment 4 – Joe Pool Inspections

Segment 4 – Rachel and Olga

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