Breakdown of the Show

  • Keith Hebert and Chris Childress share about what to look for when buying a lake property.  View, possible obstructions or future obstructions if lots aren’t developed yet.  What to do with pets on the lake.  Live in a cove or on a point out in the lake.
  • Shannon and Meredith Catrett talk about things you should consider when purchasing land or a ranch.
  • Pam Keystone, owner of The Art of Vacationing, talks about time-shares and who they are right for.
  • Shannon and Jay McMahon talk about a unique way that home owners can sell and liquidate the items in their home and get a nice premium on items the family doesn’t want anymore.

Each Segment on Video

Segment 1 – Lake Living

Segment 2 – Buying Land or a Ranch

Segment 3 – Time Shares

Segment 4 – Everything But the House

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