Breakdown of the Show

  • We start the show with some news. There are changes in the way metal recycling entities are regulated to try to cut down on copper and other valuable metal thefts. This is good news as builders are taking a huge hit from thieves targeting air conditioning units. We also talk about the historic low rates from the Texas Veterans Land Board. This is a great benefit for veterans.
  • Gary Cooper, Owner of Gary N. Cooper CPA PC and Co-founder of Forward Results, joins us for two segments to talk taxes. He goes over ways to minimize your tax burdens by maximizing your deductions.
  • We talk about the “housing recovery” in Houston and our lack of inventory and how that impacts new home construction.

Each Segment on Video

Segment 1 - Gary Cooper

Segment 2 - Gary Cooper

Segment 3 - Searching for a Co-Host

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