Breakdown of the Show

  • Julie Mullane, from the Nation Crisis Hotline for Veterans, talks about how the National Crisis hotline handles calls to the center. They also talk about the different types of people who call in Vets in different branches of government and situations that they will be dealing with.
  • Kathy Molitor, from DeBakey VA Hospital in Houston, talks about Veterans and how they help them deal with suicidal situation. Kathy shares statistics on who is the most vulnerable and what to do when you suspect or hear if someone is suicidal.
  • Sheila Blake — City of Houston Building Code Administrator – Assistant Deputy Director. She discusses the need for inspection and that all properties are inspected. They are inspected to make sure buildings are safe. She discusses the process of how a code is introduced, they use national guides and determine if the code should be introduced in Houston. She also discusses new green codes that are coming to Houston.
  • Xavier Herrera discusses the challenges that realtors face with Zoning regulations and laws.

Each Segment on Video

Segment 1 – Julie Mullane – Crisis Hotline

Segment 2 – Kathy Molitor – Houston VA Hospital

Segment 3 – Sheila Blake – Houston Building Codes

Segment 4 – Xavier Herrera – Zoning and Planning

Listen to the Show in it's Entirety

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