Breakdown of the Show

  • Shannon talks with Nasir Malik, Owner of Sunrise Custom Homes, about some of the pitfalls of building and what consumers need to think about when building a home.
  • Shannon talks with Mary Papageorge, Loan Officer with AMCAP Mortgage,  about the different options that consumers have with regards to financing and title when building.  You don’t necessarily need to use the builders financing and title company.
  • Shannon and Dave Yelovich, Compliance Officer with Tilson Homes, talk about the new energy codes in the building industry and how that’s affecting prices upward.
  • Shannon and Brett Hatfield, Owner of Downunda Pools, talk about what consumers need to know when undertaking a pool project.  Brett discusses a pool installation timeline, products and materials and different costs with regards to challenging landscapes.  Brett also talks about timelines for a pool project.

Each Segment on Video

Segment 1 – Nasir Malik, Sunrise Custom Homes

Segment 2 – Mary Papageorge, AMCAP Mortgage

Segment 3 – Dave Yelovich, Tilson Custom Homes

Segment 4 – Brett Hatfield, Downunda Pools

Listen to the Show in it's Entirety

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