Breakdown of the Show

  • Officer James Byrd of the Houston Police Department Public Affairs Office joins us to talk about general home safety and what to look for in a neighborhood before you move in. You can learn more HERE.
  • Roger Courts Jr., Owner of ZBest Lock and Key, talks about locks and the requirements of a landlord when changing tenants. You can reach Roger at or at 936.537.5195.
  • Tony Garza, with the Lowe’s at 249 and Cypresswood, talks the Iris Home Automation System. This is some awesome technology that is fairly cheap to install. If you ever wanted to control lights, alarm, and even your thermostat with a smart phone app, you need to check this out. You can learn more at or in the video below.

Each Segment on Video

Segment 1 - Office James Byrd

Segment 2 - Roger Courts Jr

Segment 3 - Tony Garza

Segment 4 - Iris system available now at Lowe's