Breakdown of the Show

  • Our first two segments are with Dr. Jim Gaines with Texas A&M University. In addition to being a fellow Georgia Bulldog, he is a senior economist with the Real Estate Research Center. He is a regular on the show and we value greatly his opinion on the market and where the industry is headed. He brings us insight into how 2013 is going to shape up as well as brings some clarity to how the ongoing fiscal cliff negotiations. You can learn more about Dr. Gaines at the Real Estate Research Center.
  • In our third segment we talk about a couple of changes hitting the news lately. The first one is the 3.8% Investment Tax on Home Sales that went into effect with Obamacare. We also talk about the changes to the Houston Property Code.
  • We take a listener call in the final segment that asks about new homes that don’t appraise. This is a significant problem in Houston. A few months ago, I interviewed Mike Brubaker, a leading Houston real estate appraiser.

Each Segment on Video

Segment 1 - Dr. Jim Gaines

Segment 2 - Dr. Jim Gaines

Segment 3 - Real Estate Investment Tax

Segment 4 - New Construction Appraisal Problems