Breakdown of the Show

  • Rhondalynn Riley, Owner of Exterior Inspections joins us for a couple of segments to start the show talking about the various flavors of home inspection, when they are appropriate, and the benefits of the knowledge of the property you will gain before you close on your home. You can contact her at (281) 353-8686.
  • Brian Gilchriest with Perma-Pier Foundation Repair to discuss the impact of foundation damage on the sale of a property and what to do if you get that dreaded inspection report. You can find out more about Brian and his team at
  • Lastly, we have Wendy Capell from Woodlands Design Matters to talk about how interior design plays an important role in the sale of your home. You can find more about Wendy at

Each Segment on Video

Segment 1 - Rhondalyn Riley

Segment 2 - Rhondalyn Riley

Segment 3 - Brian Gilchriest

Segment 4 - Wendy Capell

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