Breakdown of the Show

  • Daniel Vargas, Executive Director of Operation Finally Home, joins us to talk about their charity and how they help severely wounded veterans with accessible homes. You can learn more about Daniel and his wonderful charity at
  • Kelly Gibson, Senior Writer for the Veterans of Foreign Wars Magazine, joins us for twabout the portrayal of veterans, especially veterans of the Afghanistan and Iraq conflicts, in movies and television. She has written several articles on the subject. You can learn more about Kelly, the magazine, and the VFW at
  • Jerry Reed, President and Executive Director of Operation Military Embrace, joins us to talk about their assistance they provide wounded veterans. Operation Military Embrace provides outings, comfort items, and other direct material support through San Antonio Military Medical Center. You can learn more about Jerry and his team at

Each Segment on Video

Segment 1 - Daniel Vargas

Segment 2 - Kelly Gibson

Segment 3 - Kelly Gibson

Segment 4 - Jerry Reed