Breakdown of the Show

  • Steven Wheelock, VP of Sales and Marketing for Allied Powder Coating, talks about their process for refurbishing lawn furniture. That rusty, ugly lawn furniture you were about to throw away, there might be hope for it yet!
  • Mary and Jared Bellar with Bellar Pools joins us to talk about their family owned business and how they can make the custom pool of your dreams.
  • Continuing with the backyard theme, Gulf Coast Scapes‘ Ricardo Mercado joins to talk about their incredible ability to transform a back yard. These guys have been featured on HGTV and do some increduble work.
  • We have looked at many ways to keep your home energy efficient, but here is a solar air conditioning option. Ronald Via joins us from Brazos Vally Services to explain how solar air conditioning directly translates into money saved.

Each Segment on Video

Segment 1 - Introduction

Segment 2 - Steven Wheelock

Segment 3 - Mary and Jared Bellar

Segment 4 - Ricardo Mercado

Segment 5 - Ronald Via