Breakdown of the Show

  • Michelle Sandlin, VP of Marketing and Communications for the Houston office of Chicago Title, talks about hot areas of Houston.
  • Jim Sheffield, General Manager of Northampton MUD talks about how MUD’s work, why they exist and their taxing authority. He also talks about how they are organized, boards and operations side.
  • State Representative Debbie Riddle, TX 150, comes into the studio to talk about the issues she fights for in her district; low income housing, crime and the primary race she is in.
  • Sheila Blake, city of Houston Building Code administrator. She discusses how consumers / sellers should handle a report after an inspector notes certain items aren’t up to code but are within code because of a code change. She also explains how codes are changed and added to a city’s building codes.

Each Segment on Video

Segment 1 - Michelle Sandlin

Segment 2 - Jim Sheffield

Segment 3 - Debbie Riddle

Segment 4 - Sheila Blake

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