Breakdown of the Show

In this show, we spend an hour with one of the most interesting men I know, Jim McAlister, Principal of McAlister Investment Real Estate. Jim and Hydie , his daughter and business partner, join us to talk real estate investment, growth areas around the Houston market, their investment process, and much more. McAlister Investment Real Estate is a private real estate investment firm that uses a fund format to invest in undeveloped land parcels in the southeast, southwest and mountain states to achieve strong, risk-mitigated returns for their investors.

Having completed over $1 billion in real estate partnership transactions, this team has a proven track record of success in real estate investment, development and operations. You can learn more at

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Segment 1 - Jim and Hydie McAlister

Segment 2 - Jim and Hydie McAlister

Segment 3 - Jim and Hydie McAlister

Segment 4 - Jim McAlister

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