Breakdown of the Show

  • Rita Santamaria, founder of Champions School of Real Estate, visits the RREA Studios to discuss the robust real estate market in Houston. Rita states that Houston is the hottest market with regards to volume of houses and Austin is the hottest in regards to price increases. She also discusses the best professions to pursue in the real estate industry.
  • Dr. Lori, from Discovery Channel’s “Auction Kings”, visits with Shannon via Skype. Dr. Lori discusses how home owners can get items in their home appraised before they decide to depart from them. As homeowners begin to purge their belongings and get ready to move or downsize its important to have a few things looked at by a professional like her, so you don’t throw away pricey items. Another tip is maybe your house has a very expensive feature your realtor and you overlooked like a period rod iron banister and your sale price needs to reflect that.
  • Cliff Collins, broker associate, takes a seat in the in the RREA studios with Shannon to discuss the Lease with a Right to Purchase program at RREA. Cliff lines out how it helps buyers with dinged up credit, might take advantage of this program. Consumers can lease a house they want to later buy as they repair their credit. Cliff also discusses how realtors who have their license at RREA can take advantage of this program and earn standard purchase commissions instead of just a what you would get from a lease.

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