Breakdown of the Show

  • Terry Hadley from joins us to talk about Texans’ choice for their electric provider. This may be a different concept for people moving to the area. Terry talks about what different charges on your bill mean and what may be questionable charges.
  • Burl Daniel, flood insurance expert, joins us to take on the issue of rising flood insurance rates. Burl explains that public officials and insurance companies are looking to make the program solvent. Burl suggests the consumers get a flood map on (cost under $10) for their area and see where they land. Consumers may find out that they are in or out of a flood zone because they are redrawing the maps. Burl also talks about how someone might be able to improve their property to make it less susceptible to flooding and take that to the insurance entities for a reduction of premium.
  • Mike Blalock, with Houston Newcomer Guides joins us to talk about the all the information the guides have for people that are moving to Houston. Mike also highlights his online and regional versions of the guides where they can drill down into an area, which gives consumers more detail about a specific area.
  • Leslie Martone with the CyFair Chamber of Commercecomes on the show to talk about the huge growth in the CyFair area and what the area is doing to address traffic, schools and businesses. They focus on The Grand Parkway completion from 290 and I-10 and the upgrading of Highway 290. Leslie highlights the 11 highschools in the area, Bridgeland Master planned community and Sam Houston Raceway events.

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