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  • I answer a couple of call in questions about shadow inventory and calculating returns on investment properties. Below if the calculation for cash-on-cash return which is a good start to calculate when you get your cash investment back.Cash-on-Cash Return Definition: The amount of cash that is returned by the property to the investor in the first year compared to the acquisition cost expressed in percentages.To calculate cash-on-cash return (COC), divide the amount of money received (came in) year one by the amount invested (went out). This is expressed in percentages.
    Cash on Cash return formula - Register Real Estate Advisors

    Formula for Cash-on-Cash Return

  • Jess Bailey is a real estate attorney in The Woodlands, TX. She joins us to talk about title insurance. She explains who the parties are, who they work for, and why you need it. You can find her contact information below.
  • Jeff Shore joins us via Skype from Auburn California. Jeff is a new home sales consultant, coach, and trainer that offers a unique perspective to our changing real estate market. You can contact him at or via Twitter @JeffShore.
  • Jess You can reach Jess at her website (, on LinkedIn, or at 281.738.5005.

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Segment 1 - Jess Bailey

Segment 2 - Jeff Shore

Segment 3 - Jess Bailey