Breakdown of the Show

  • Bryan Chavis, author of Buy It, Rent It, Profit!, joins us and talks about the book and how it can help would be landlords cover some of the basics they need to know before entering into the business. Areas they cover are how to set up a lease, economies of scale, single family vs multifamily units, and the top 10 Pitfalls that landlords need to watch out for in the rental business. Bryan gives listeners ways to avoid each pitfall to make them a more successful landlord. Learn more at
  • Vicki Cheairs, senior mortgage specialist with Security 1 Lending, joins us to talk about a new program for seniors that was just passed or approved that allows seniors to buy new homes or existing homes for almost half of what the market price is. The program is know as HECM. They talk about the changing demographics of the country and how this HECM program is valuable to seniors and aging baby boomers looking to move out of their older homes giving them freedom. Shannon also takes a phone call from an elderly man about weather to Sell, Refi of do a Reverse Mortgage. Learn more at

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