Breakdown of the Show

  • Paul St. Amand from Champions School of Real Estate joins us to discuss loan scams that are out in the marketplace. Paul talks about how the scammers set up their organization and conspiracy teams. He discusses red flags and ways people can protect themselves when approached with a deal that is too good to be true. Most of the people the scammers go after are people who are in financial distress and under pressure, who feel like there are no options left for them.
  • Judge Jay Karahan, Judge of Harris County Criminal Court #8, comes on the show and talks about legal issues concerning homeowners and landlords. Topics discussed are rental agreements, making your property safe to limit liability, privacy, environmental mistakes homeowners can make, pets and breaking and entering.
  • Christy Stratton (RREA Media) and Sheryl Hunter (Register Real Estate Advisors) join Shannon to talk about what went on at the WCR (Womens Council of Realtors) event in Washington DC. Christy talks about what the WCR does and Sheryl discusses issues the WCR is fighting for to help the homeowner and the real estate industry. One example is keeping the mortgage interest deduction and keeping the FHA regulations where they are at keeping the door open to homeownership to more people.
  • Paul St. Amand (Champions School of Real Estate) joins us for another segment to discuss real estate and rental scams that are in the market. Paul covers rental scams and also short sale scams where offers are held back so the corrupt realtor can make a huge profit. Paul gives places consumers to go for support. Paul also suggests people use a realtor they know or one that is referred to them to help them sniff out if a scam is being perpetrated against them.

Each Segment on Video

Segment 1 – Paul St. Amand

Segment 2 – Judge Jay Karahan

Segment 3 – Christy Stratton and Sheryl Hunter

Segment 4 – Paul St. Amand