Breakdown of the Show

  • Jim and Hydie talk about how they invest in land and how they research the growth of a market and try to buy ahead of the growth. They also talk about their private equity fund and how it is risk adverse with a high rate or return. Jim talks about the growth in Houston and how Texas always outpaces the rest of the country. As a result of the growth Jim sees that there will be lot shortages due to the increase of people coming to Houston and 100,000 plus jobs per year coming to the area.
  • Hydie talks about in more depth about their approach to researching and purchasing land in Texas Markets. What they look for in in a piece of land, school districts and drainage and how they put together a plan for a land buy and well a plan will work for a developer. They discuss the I-10 to the 290 area blooming. Hydie talks about the levels of investment required of and individual and a fund to invest in their companies.
  • Jim McAlister talks about the pent up demand for housing coming from the Apartment complexes. The demand is coming from people who moved in to apartment because of hard times in the downturn and now are ready to buy again and the people who normally just move out of apartment to a house because they have a stable life. Add to that the people coming to the area and the market is hot. Jim also discussed the numbers of homes that have been and will be built in Houston this year. He says 35,000 homes will be built in 2014. He says land is driving the price of housing.
  • Jim McAlister talks about how he was involved in The Woodlands development from the beginning. How George P. Mitchell acquired the land and the process they went through to make sure they got it right. He talks about the other developers in Los Angeles and on the east coast and around the country to get their expertise.

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