Houston Real Estate Radio is a syndicated radio show that covers news, events, outstanding neighborhoods, and real estate happenings all over the Houston Metro Area. Host Shannon Register, Broker/Owner of Register Real Estate Advisors and founder of the “Best Real Estate Blog in Texas” (Texas A&M University,) brings you special guests and experts from all over the real estate community.

Houston Real Estate Radio strives to keep you up to date on the market and changes in regulations and conditions that can effect the sale or purchase of your home. Shannon Register has a passion for real estate and it shows through her thoroughness and attention to detail. Broadcasting from the RREA Media Studios in Spring, Houston Real Estate Radio is a fun, entertaining, educational experience.

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Latest Episode

Episode 134 aired on March 29, 2015

Breakdown of the Show

  • Shannon previews Houston Real Estate Radio’s Broadcast from Aliana in Richmond, TX.  She mentions the guests, Margaret Greenwood from Ashton Woods Homes, Linda Kilgore from Aliana Developement and Nancy Furst, 2015 Chair of the Board, HAR
  • Linda Kilgore, from Aliana Development, talks about the new community, its amenities, walking trails, $6 million club house.  Linda talks about he builders and the different levels of lifestyle living in Aliana.
  • Nancy Furst, HAR’s 2015 Chair of the Board, discusses the new changes to the HAR Website, being able to see all the MLS listings in Texas, the Drive Time portion to see how far away schools churches are away from a potential home.  Nancy also talks about the expectations for 2015 home sales.
  • Margaret Greenwood, from Ashton Woods Homes, tells us about Ashton Woods Homes homes in Aliana and in Houston in general.  They discuss the awards Ashton Woods they won in 2014.  Also, discussed is what makes Ashton Woods different from other builders.

Each Segment on Video

Segment 1 – Welcome to the Show

Segment 2 – Aliana Community Development – Linda Kilgore

Segment 3 – HAR’s Technological Strides – Nancy Furst

Segment 4 – Ashton Woods Homes – Margaret Greenwood

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