Houston Real Estate Radio is a syndicated radio show that covers news, events, outstanding neighborhoods, and real estate happenings all over the Houston Metro Area. Host Shannon Register, Broker/Owner of Register Real Estate Advisors and founder of the “Best Real Estate Blog in Texas” (Texas A&M University,) brings you special guests and experts from all over the real estate community.

Houston Real Estate Radio strives to keep you up to date on the market and changes in regulations and conditions that can effect the sale or purchase of your home. Shannon Register has a passion for real estate and it shows through her thoroughness and attention to detail. Broadcasting from the RREA Media Studios in Spring, Houston Real Estate Radio is a fun, entertaining, educational experience.

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Latest Episode

Episode 124 aired on January 18, 2015

Breakdown of the Show

  • Shannon and Jack call luck winner, Liz Stevens, and let her know they are the winner of the Zeus Mortgage iPad Mini. For liking the HRER Facebook Page. Jack does an iPad Mini winner dance.
  • Pam Bailey talks about HOA’s and Property Management Company relationships. They talk about what services Management companies should provide different kinds of HOA’s depending on size and amenities.
  • Pam Bailey talks about HOA boards and how they should be trained and educated. Having a good board that knows what they should be doing really affects an HOA and subdivision either positively or negatively.
  • Shannon, Margey and Chris talk about how to handle specific disputes between neighbors and between neighbors and association. What if dog is barking, how to handle who fixes a dual ownership fence, landscaping at early hours on the weekend.
  • Shannon, Margey and Chris talk about the service that CAI provides Communities. Training for board members on the HOA board, dispute resolution, ways to make you board strong and effective. Steps to take when there are issues in the neighborhood.

Each Segment on Video

Zeus Mortgage iPad Give Away

Segment 1 – Pam Bailey – Chaparell Management (Part 1 of 2)

Segment 2 – Pam Bailey – Chaparell Managment (Part 2)

Segment 3 – Margey Meyer and Chris Archambault – CAI (Community Associations Institute) – Part 1

Segment 4 – Margey Meyer and Chris Archambault – CAI (Community Associations Institute) – Part 2

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